Ik i slack ik im v sorry . To sum everything up . My old bestest bestfriend and i are back in the game although this girl is trying to interfere with us we won’t let that happen. I’m so happy i’m friends with her again but im kinda scared she will back stab me again and try to make lies so my boyfriend could dump me . the story behind this is that she was dating a boy and i am rn and the boys have the same name and her boyfriend broke up with her and so she was like if i can’t have ….. then neither can you! and make a rumor as to i want to fuck other boys then my own boyfriend  which is complete bs. Anyways i can’t help but think all over memories together. So my boyfriend and I are spectacular like honestly the best! Today we matched outfits! &were v close and had a great time. During lunch we were working on biology and just talking when his friends came over and ruined it. He got frustrated and was like honestly i was happy when you guys weren’t here so could you just hop off my dick and stop criticizing me . My poor baby )); anyways things at home have there ways… on the eating ah i’ve just been drinking water and vitamin water i’ve been getting a little upset so i just get one meal which is dinner. So i’m good you guys! You guys rock! xo unknown 


Hunger strike

I’ve had enough of my mother. After i jumped out of the window and called the cops on her, we went to court and i went back home. It was my choice but i’m thinking i should’ve stayed at lad lake . Anyways I was supposed to get my phone 2 weeks after i did that but it’s been a month!!! &i haven’t gotten to hangout with anyone!!! So i’m going on a hunger strike. I’m going to starve myself until i get my phone back. I only weigh 98 pounds. Of course I’ll be drinking water. But i’m seriously about this. I’ve done so much i deserve my phone back. I’ve cleaned , got my grades up. Been locked in my house. God damn i want my phone . The hunger strike begins now . xo unknown 

Boyfriend Cries

I am literally the worst .

My boyfriend was mad and i just idk what happened but i said i think we should break up , i said it really fast i wasn’t thinking i was vvv mad . He began crying thinking i broke up with him and i began crying because he thinks that but i didn’t break up with him .  Ilovehim so much . he is everything to me i couldn’t lose him! anyways we are great! we are forever! we just had a little break down but everything is great we love each other deeply xo unknown

Ignoring Stops

My boyfriend promised to stop ignoring me. I’m so excited for this to finally stop. Although my day was starting on a rough start because last night he didn’t text me at all he said he slept the whole day i mean couldn’t he at least tell me? like give me a cute text. Like i was worried and i waited for the whole day and night passing out on our messages… well i suck. Besides that he had 3 questions for me. idk what was going on in his head but ilovehim and he just has to get that through his mind. We get all close and iloveit! We giggle and smile and talk for hours. During gym we help each other. Overall today at school was pretty amazing well only half of the school day. xo unknown

6 Months

Today it’s been 6 months with the loml, my boyfriend. That’s half a year! Honestly i’m the happiest with him. Although we go through some tough times, we always tend to get through it because we love each other and our love is strong. Today will sure be a day to remember. I got hurt today.. my heart started to pound with any movement. I was so hurt )); Besides that i told my boyfriend to meet me at my locker and we walked for a while, he had a mood and didn’t want to kissme which is a bummer. It’s our 6 months i wanted today to be special. We would’ve gone out but me being me i’m grounded for jumping out of the window incident or for my attitude or it could be my grades. My parents never mentioned it.  Hopefully i’ll be out of the house soon and have my phone back in my hands. xo unknown

Ignored Once Again

By now i should be used to be getting ignored but i’m not and it hurts me because it’s like your the only person i want to speak to and be around and you’re just ignoring me and pushing me away. Can you guess it by now ? It’s my boyfriend.. today he got upset because i went to get a drink and he went to the restroom this was all unplanned but he got upset because i went to my classroom. Not only that but during gym he asked if he should grow his hair out and i was like yeah and then his like why don’t you go be with someone like that. I told him that his the only one i want to be with and then we were alright. But the thing that bothered me the most was we were playing football and i tapped him out and he fell on his bruised side and got so mad. I said sorry obviously but he wasn’t believing. Honestly i never meant to hurt him. But we switched teams and he was fine, better than ever. He was running and shit but when i was with him he was walking and holding his side. I’m starting to think it was just an act to make me feel bad. Ugh anyways after he acted really nice and then asked for my charger loll felt kinda used like oh your just gonna be nice when you want something… k. Idk whats the deal with this but thats basically what happened. I came home sat and decided to watch tv with my mother. We were watching the middle. When we finished watching a show or 2 i went to my room and passed out till 7. Now i’m just waiting on my boyfriend to text me.  I feel all over the place. xo unknown

Therapy Session

I’m thinking life just keeps getting worse. My therapist is all over me and my boyfriend and she’s saying i know everything, the school knows everything. I was like wdym. She told me that the teachers see the things that happen and somehow our messages. All i can say is he makes me happy but she keeps nagging me asking does he really ? well of course he makes me happy. Ilovehim and if he didn’t make me happy then i wouldn’t be with him. I know how to deal with my love life. Not only that but now she’s asking about my father who abandoned me when i was only 2. I want my friends back all my girlfriends i mean don’t get me wrong it’s fun chilling with the boys, there all i have rn but i miss my girlfriends )); the story behind this is that they said i’m changing and they don’t want to be my friends anymore. Then yk drama starts and rumors start. I mean i just recently started getting bullied like really i was a v known girl and i was friends with everyone and everyone liked me and now it’s just all not good. But i miss one of my friends the most. I walked up to her today and i almost began to cry. I just told her that i’d like to talk with her and she said yeah okay whats wrong and i said i just really need you. You could see my eyes getting teary but i didn’t cry. I didn’t know if i could hug her or not. She’s the one that left me. )); I mean i go through my photos and i think about our memories and we were so close, we were the bestest best friends ever known. It’s sad it ended but i’m hoping i can get close to her again. Anyways my boyfriend and i have been having some rough times that’s why i haven’t been posting for the past few days. But now everything is okay and i feel so much better! He truly lovesme and i truly lovehim. xo unknown

He’s right

Maybe my boyfriend is right. Maybe I’m the problem and I’m looking at this all wrong. I keep on bothering him and shit and wow am I annoying. The thing is I’m fucking terrified of losing him, Ilove him, he’s my whole life and come to think of it maybe I’m the one pushing him away and his getting tired of me. Nothings perfect and I keep trying to make it perfect. I get upset I mean come on, I look at all the couples around us and every morning this kid talks about his girl like she’s the most interesting thing on the earth and the couples around me just seem perfect. But yk what I’m done. My boyfriend is my perfect. He’s my forever. He’s all ineed, all iwant. I’m confusing myself and making myself think awful things when really my boyfriend lovesme and want’s me to be happy. I gotta stop comparing myself to others. It brings me down. xo unknown

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